About Me

I have over twenty five years experience as a writer, director and editor across all media types and genres, directing over 100 hours of 30 minute to feature length prime time TV for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. My work has included; drama, thriller, comedy, children’s, soap, and period costume drama and has received a ‘Best Drama BAFTA’ Award and several other BAFTA and RTE Award nominations. Production companies include Red, Granada, Pearson, Film & General and Thames TV.

I have also worked extensively in commercials, and brand communications  winning Silver at the New York Film Festival and runner up in the Film 4 Directors Cut Awards.  I have developed, directed and edited factual series and have several feature films with budgets up to $15M in development. I self shoot, and edit and am capable on Blackmagic Resolve, and Adobe CC and have filmed in locations around the world.

For three years now I have also taught Screen acting to university drama students, teaching acting principles and then devising, shooting and editing their graduate shorts and monologues. I also now mentor private clients in screen acting.


Best Drama BAFTA Winner 2006 – two further Bafta nominations

Royal Television Society Awards – Best Drama Nominee

Film 4 Directors Cut Awards – entire campaign of four spots for COI nominated

New YorkFilm Festival – Silver Medal



Rock n’Roll Cars

Director Writer Editor – Pink Flamingo Films

10 x 30 minute series featuring Gary Numan, Go West, Tony Hadley and dozens more music names talking about their favourite cars.

New Street Law – Series I & II

Director – Red productions for BBC1

5 x 1 hour episodes of barrister’s precinct drama.  Starring John Hannah, John Thompson, Lisa Faulkner, Paul Freeman.  Produced by Matthew Bird

The Giblet Boys – Series I & II

Director Writer – Film & General Prods for CITV

8 episodes of 13 of original comedy series.Produced by Davina Belling and Clive Parsons

Winner Best Drama BAFTA 2006

The Queens Nose

Director – Director – Film & General Prods for CBBC

12 episodes over two series of comedy drama.  Produced by Davina Belling and Clive Parsons.

Nominated Best Children’s Drama RTS Awards  2002

Nominated Best Children’s Drama Indy Awards  2002

The Story of Tracy Beaker

Director – CBBC

13 episodes of children’s comedy drama.    Produced by Jane Dauncey

 Nominated Best Children’s Drama, BAFTA awards 2002

Nominated Best Drama, Broadcast Awards 2003

Nominated Best Drama, RTE Awards 2003


Director – Granada/ITV

Medical drama Starring Michael Kitchen and Martin Shaw.  Written by Eanna O’Lochlain – Produced by Pamela Wilson


Director – BBC1

Pilot of comedy detective drama.  Starring Jack Dee and John Thomson.  Written by Matthew Hall – Produced by Beverley Dartnell

Dr Willoughby

Director – Pearson/ITV

Comedy series starring Joanna Lumley and Brian Protheroe.  Written by Laurie Rowley – Produced by Tony Charles

Wing & a Prayer

Director – Channel 5

4 episodes of legal drama.  Starring Maureen Beattie and Kate Buffery.  Written by Matthew Hall – Produced by Matthew Kuipers

Wuthering Heights

Director – LWT & WGBH Boston for ITV

Film based on Emily Bronte’s novel.  Starring Robert Cavanah, Matthew Macfadyan, Orla Brady, Peter Davison, Sarah Smart.  Written by Neil Mackay

Staying Alive

Director – LWT for ITV

6 episodes over two series of medical drama.  Starring Sophie Okenedo, Ayub Khan Din, Jessica Stevenson.  Written by Neil Mackay

London Bridge

Director – Carlton for ITV

22 episodes of soap.  Starring Mandana Jones, Simone Lhabib, Dawn McDaniel.  Produced by Matthew Bird

The Bill

Director – Thames  for ITV

4 episodesProduced by Pat Sandys

The Euphoric Scale

Director Writer – Skywalk Pictures

30 minute Short Film.  Starring Helen Baxendale, Anita Dobson, Robert Bathurst.  Produced by Jane Walker.


Kason Espinosa

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London, UK